Ten Nations Lead the Digital Economy

GCC Media
September 5, 2016

When the private sector is efficient, so is the State and the society. This practice applies also to technology and how the companies or the government use digital tools to be competitive and generate common well-being. Singapur, Finland, Sweden, Norway, USA, Holland, Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg and Japan are leading the world when it comes to take advantage of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

This is the conclusion of the latest report Global Information Technology 2016 from the World Economic Forum (WEF). The study describes how well prepared are 139 nations to be part of the digital economy, according to 10 factors such as the countries’ regulations, access to technology, local economy and ICT’s cost. Also the WEF analyzes the citizen’s digital abilities, the tech infrastructure, how the companies and government value cutting edge technology, innovation, business models and social impact.

The 10 most tech-ready countries were distinguished because of their empathy to new technologies and the acquisition of E-government solutions that enables citizens to access public services 24/7. Panama is located 55 in the index and is one the best performers among Latin American nations, the worst is Haiti. Fast internet connection, business opportunities and investments, as well as the positive impact of ICT are the outstanding elements in the country, says the WEF reports.

To achieve a better connection to the digital world and their 3.2 billion users, markets from Panama or any other developing economies need vision and enthusiasm, according to the study. Besides the rankings, it’s clear that well used technology has a unique innovating effect, because it grants knowledge spreading between people, companies and governments.


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