Summary of the #LocalLeaderGCC - Rosmer Jurado

GCC Media
May 16, 2016

This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Rosmer Jurado, General Manager of Productos Lux, better known as Proluxsa, a producer of vinegar which also represents a variety of brands in the category of food.

Jurado was born in Venezuela but he has spent most of his life outside his native country, in Panama and the United States. He graduated in Business Administration and Finance and majored in Operations Management. After that, he began his career in a software company that allowed him to learn about the American corporate world.

Rosmer returned to Panama for personal reasons and began working in the family business at a key moment of generational transition. Despite his financial background, he worked in the marketing and sales area, preparing the company for the new commercial era, with supermarkets as the main channel, and by focusing on the export market, that has given them many business opportunities.

Innovation has always been a cornerstone in the development of strategies to Rosmer, as it is what has enabled them to offer quality at low prices and to cope with international competition. Thus, Proluxsa has made a difference in the industry through being pioneer in the production of vinegar and canned products, offering added value and promoting the culture of compromise.

Product management has been a challenge for Rosmer since its inception. The logistics of manufacturing is very complicated due to the high number of suppliers and the need for coordination of different processes, but he has managed to consolidate a structure that, together with the seal of ISO 22000 quality, allows them to offer a competitive product in the international market. That's where Proluxsa has the opportunity to continue growing, and where Rosmer has concentrated much of his efforts since reaching the general management of the company in 2011. He is responsible to continue writing the story of Proluxsa.


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