• Success Story: Panama

    “Technical and Administrative Strengthening of the Administrative Boards of Rural Aqueducts (JAAR)” Click here for complete report.

  • Success Story: Dominican Republic

    “Standardization of Fiscal and Control Reports” Click here for complete report.

  • Success Story: El Salvador

    "Design and Development of the Judicial Information System for Integrated Judicial Centers of the Judicial Body of El Salvador and its Implementation in the Integrated Judicial Center of Soyapango." Click here for complete report.


Business Management

Business Management

With business management one seeks to improve the productivity and the competitiveness of a company. The approach we strongly believe in is Value Based Management (VBM). VBM uses value as a metric to influence the decision making process at all levels within a company.
In VBM, decisions and actions are taken based on Value Added. In this approach the ultimate goal of a decision maker is to add value. The logic behind VBM is that by seeking to add value, managers will be forced to focus more on the big picture and less on the now (the trap), allowing managers to always make the correct decision for: The company, shareholders, employees and by all means their customers. Using VBM companies can build a strong and stable foundation agile enough to help you fight back against external factors and at the same time promote a long term competitiveness and profitability.
When using VBM correctly it is virtually impossible to fall in to the proverbial now trap that managers tend to fall into. The proverbial now trap we refer to is the inability of managers and shareholders to look past company finances and stair away from the thinking of maximizing revenue and minimizing cost.
Metrics such as cost-analyses, ROI and other number base metrics focus solely on cash flow. However good understand your company cash flow may be; none of these metrics have an ounce of a strategy imbedded into it…Hence, why we call it the trap.
If you are a decision maker looking to create value for your company and would like to learn more on how VBM could help contact us here.

We offer the following services:

  • Business Evaluation Tool (learn more here).

  • Business process and risk analysis.

  • Organizational consultancy, including: Diagnosis, analysis and alignment.

  • Advice and implementation of quality and environmental standards, corporate social responsibility.

  • Implementation of management technology: ERP, CRM, BPM.

  • Comprehensive technical assistance to companies, especially family businesses.

  • Regional studies directed to detect economic development possibilities and specific investment opportunities.

  • Formulation and optimization of processes (reengineering) and programs that generate value and profitability to shareholders, including strategic +, tactical and operational planning, with KPI, scorecard planning (Balance Score Card)

  • Strategic and operative marketing services, development and economic profitability services, especially but not limited to businesses dedicated to the sectors of services, industry, agriculture, tourism, culture, leisure and environment.

  • Investment projects: Identification, dimensioning, localization, formulation, evaluation, development, financing, structuring and management, especially in the area of real estate, telecommunications, health, education, and agroindustry.

  • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies, including market studies, business plans and internationalization of companies.


Government Management

Government Management

We are supporters of a modern, agile, efficient and effective, citizen-shaft state. We propose a system of “Open Government” based on quality, responsibility and the evaluation of results.

For that, we offer the following services:

  • Design and formulation of public policy, in areas such as reform and modernization of the state.

  • Advice in international commerce and negotiation with diverse organizations and countries, studies about the regulatory framework, investments and competitiveness.

  • Implementation of management technology: ERP, CRM, BPM.

  • Deregulation of economic activities; debureaucratization of the public sector.

  • Process reengineering.

  • Design and operation of organizational structures and horizontal systems for the management of the public sector in its diverse levels.

  • Analysis of medium and long range economic scenarios. Analysis of the evolution of the main variables within the framework of the national economic policy, its trends at short, medium and long range – global or by sector – and its relations with the countries of the region and the rest of the world. Fiscal and financial analysis of national accounts.

  • Studies and development on distinct subsystems of health – public and private – centered on its administration and management.

  • Analysis and projects linked to the social security – health and forecast – in the management, coverage, collection and administration of resources.

  • Analysis and development of projects related to tourism: Country brand, and the role of the state.

  • Analysis and formulation of public policy for the development of the aeronautical sector.

  • Design of the technological platforms for e-government and Smart Cities.


Information Technology

Information Technology

We offer the following services:

  • Custom Made Software Solutions.

  • Implementation of BPM and CRM.

  • Electronic commerce.

  • Management information systems.

  • Modern management technology for the public sector.

  • Design of mobile applications.




The objective of this division is to add value to companies that lead the food business as well as small and medium producers. Likewise in ours products for investors, we devised funds that maximize profitability decreasing the risk. A common objective unites us with all of our clients: To solve their strategic and everyday problems with our experience and business intelligence.

Agroindustrial sector services:

  • Agricultural enterprise management in total or partial form with specialists in the areas of agricultural technique, administration, accounting, judicial, fiscal and commercial.

  • Design and actualization of the Strategic Plan and the key resources to promote the creation of businesses or new projects. Initial design of the strategic plan, following and actualization. Development of the tools of leadership, Entrepreneurial Team, Formative Plans for the Personnel, etc…

  • Design and actualization of the Operative Plans of the new project or of the new initial Design company, following and actualization of the operative plans Basic Economic and Business Training, Monitoring the Company’s plan, Assistance for the start-up, Assistance during the first term, Legal and Accounting Assistance for the creation of a Company.

  • Market studies.

  • Business Strategy Consulting.

  • Comercialization Consulting.

  • Technological Optimization Consulting.

  • Integral Management Consulting.

  • Strategic Advice.

  • Detection of investment opportunities in the agroindustrial chain.

  • Administration of finance of individuals, companies, and national and international organizational funds.

  • Design of products tailored to the need of the business and the individual.

  • Design and organization of funds and trusts.

  • Audits and expertise of agricultural investment funds.

  • Technical direction of funds and trusts.

  • Hiring and control of human resources.

  • Commercial operation, accounting and tax operations.

  • Reports for investors.

  • Reports for auditors.

  • Presentation of businesses for sale to corporate, foreign investments, strategic, and others.

  • Assemblage of Offering Memorandums, Prospects, Books, Road Shows, etc.

  • Search for strategic partners in the sector.

  • Valuations and Due Dilligence.

  • Analysis of synergy and compatibility of cultures between companies.

  • Buy, Dealing and Sale mandates and post-dealing revisions.

  • Divisions of companies and buyouts.

  • Strategic alliances, transitory union of businesses and joint-ventures.

  • Turn-arounds and exit strategies.

  • Start-up fundraising.


Mining and Energy

Mining and Energy

The objective of this division is to bring the overall advice to the energy sector, with special dedication in the evaluation of investment projects; the development and operation of simulation models and optimization of wholesale markets and distribution of electric energy, the analysis, proposal of modification and/or design of regulatory frameworks; the development of review processes for tariffs; the design of tariff schedules and the overall management of the consumption of energy of large users.

Some of the services provided by the division of energy are:

  • Planning.

  • Definition and execution of the politics within the energy sector.

  • Organization, regulation and risks inherit to the electronic sector.

  • Economic-technical feasibility studies for businesses of the sector.

  • Analysis and propositions of tariffs both for generating and distributing companies.

  • Restructuring at the organizational level.

  • Reengineering and automation of processes.

  • Economic and financial evaluation of investment projects.

  • Simulation and optimization models.

  • Analysis, modification proposals and design of regulatory frameworks.

  • Revision processes of tariffs.

  • Design of tariff schedules

  • Overall management of the consumption of energy of large users.


Engineering and Environment

Engineering and Environment

The objective of this Division is to participate in the strengthening of public and private institutions, developing projects mainly at the stages of preliminary studies and management of infrastructure works.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Project Management in design, management and inspection of engineering and architecture projects.

  • Viability studies mainly for infrastructure, water and treatment projects.

  • Projects about management of urban solid residuals.

  • Technical, legal, administrative and financial strengthening of public and private entities that provide drinking water, swage, and rural aqueducts.


  • Engineering and Environment

    Engineering and Environment


  • Agroindustrial



  • Government Management

    Government Management


  • Business Management

    Business Management


  • Information Technology

    Information Technology




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