New GCC Tool - "Business Evaluation"

GCC Media
January 20, 2016

Goethals Consulting has developed an innovative analysis tool called "Business Evaluation", which allows diagnose problems or opportunities for the improvement of a company. The tool collects data through a questionnaire in four key areas: Strategic planning, organizational and functional structure, operational structure and economic and financial resources. Each category comprises a series of questions that, at the same time, are grouped in different perspectives. Thus, the findings go from the general to the specific, allowing the company to know where in the value chain the opportunities are. The tool has already been used in several companies, giving very successful and concrete results.

This system is supported on value-based management, a comprehensive process designed to improve the strategic and operational decisions of a company, which Goethals has already implemented in companies pursuing excellence. This business philosophy emphasizes the generation and maximization of value in the company, which allows, beyond the accounting management, a situational vision that meets the opportunities to take them, to neutralize threats, to seize strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Click here to watch the video. Subtitles in English are available.


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