7 lessons we can learn from a Startup

GCC Media
September 1, 2016

Data Curator or Technology Mining Adviser. Two jobs that it might not sound familiar and certainly there are not. These positions were created last year thanks to the founding of new startups. Along with them came more employments for the American digital industry in 2015, 84,370 according to the Center of Venture Research.

The Startup galaxy keeps growing due to their leaders persistence and a figure we call Angel Investors. They have a keen vision to believe on ideas and knowledge of small business venture.

Have you ever wonder about the similarities between Ford, Google or Starbucks? All of them were born as a startup and were accelerated with time, patience and venture capitals.

Here are 7 unique lessons we can learn from successful startups, according to the network Think & Start:
1. A venture company has an idea that looks for profounds changes in the society.
2. It’s never a political issue.
3. The leaders are intolerant to mediocrity
4. The project is both equal in hierarchy and gender.
5. Looks for revenues for the leaders and the community.
6. Every dollar counts and makes a difference.
7. Owners maintain positive communication with clients and investors.

Recently Marta Cruz, from NXTP Labs, gave some advices to the digital magazine Summa about investing in a startup. "We look for and follow three criterias which are equipment (it must stands for the 50 per cent of the value given to a company), the MVP or Minimum Viable Product and the reach of the opportunity, beyond the local community".


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