Goethals Consulting Corp.

Welcome to the website of Goethals Consulting Corp., a consulting firm, that began its activities imbued with the spirit and energy of youth, but at the same time, with the calm attitude of those who have travelled a long path of professional experience and quality of excellence. Our character is rooted in the conviction and firm belief in a market of voluntary transactions where the property of the participants is respected.

At Goethals Consulting we believe in the individual projects of others; in a liberal democracy in a State of rights and in free and healthy competition as a method for individual growth, thus contributing to the progress of society.

Upon proposing our opening, we remembered Margaret Thatcher, who said “if our only opportunity is of being equals, that is not an opportunity,” and in that moment our characteristic corporate brand emerged: The consistency and firmness of thought independent of who hired us; very sensitive topics with respect to consulting activity.

Our work team responds to the highest standards and styles of today’s competitive market, which is called “personal brand.” Goethals Consulting Corp. considers that the “personal brand” of its employees is its greatest asset.

I reiterate the warm welcome to our website.

John Allen Bennett Novey



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  • Aquilino de la Guardia Street,
    Molon Tower, 4th Floor
    Panama City, Panama